Annual Swimwear Size Dilemma!


I love summer, the sun, the sangria, the sand, the s……unfortunately I hate the search for the ‘Holy Grale’ which every year is the same, the manic search for a cute, colourful, sparkly and sexy bikini that fits and flatters me.
Marbella and The Ocean Club beckoning the hunt begins!! Now, I know I am not the only woman in the world, whos top and bottom half are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SIZES. My bottom is a neat size 10/12, my top is (as designers seem to think) a Granny-esque 16-18. Therefore I am at a disadvantage already. (NOTE TO SELF: Must only enter shops and website that do mixed seperates!) Even if price was no problem, this is a challenge, but lets face it, we are in a ressession and Im NOT going to be spending a fortune on a Bikini when I only get to wear it once (or twice) a year. Im a highstreet girls and thats where ill be looking.

Now as any woman with a large chest knows, it is hard enough to get the right bra size let alone a bikini top which shapes and supports. Triangles are out. They cut into your neck and make you feel like your being decapitated before you have even got to the beach! LIFT AND SUPPORT, LIFT AND SUPPORT, that is my Mantra! However most shops seem to think if you have big boobs you have a huge ass to match, that you are over 50, and therefore want complete unflattering shapes and patterns!
The new Beyonce collection in H&M is lovely, the sizes do go large, although they all seem to have sold out by the time I got there. Onto the next the dredded M&S some nice colours and sparkle but yes, generally all the bottoms are Granny pants and you’ll end up with the biggest tan lines you have ever seen! River Island I LOVE IT! All the Sparkle and tassles a girls needs to hit THE OC in style, and the Pacha beach collection is GORG, if I can just sqeeze them in….!? Hmmmm I’ll think about that one! New Look, Not in a million years in that going to fit! Is the size 14 is for a 14 year old!?

Still with River Island Jazzyness in mind and after a day of humiliation in changing rooms I hit the Web! I generally dont like the experience of internet shopping. For a start you cant see size, material, and it is WAY harder to imagine my enornous boobs in these bikinis which are modelled by stick insects. Missguided and Boohoo are usually my quick fix fun fashion staples, always good on sizs and prices.
Unfortunately the styles they offer are very limited. So onto ASOS, although they have a HUGE selection of different designers and styles there are not many I would go for. Seafolly, look great but are a little out of price range, but there are some great other alternatives. OH even the odd trikini which could work!? AMAZING I think I have found the answer!
A lovely back one peice with cut out sides! Sexy, supportive and VERY OC!
Now just gotta sort the pre-Marbs diet and accessories and Im good to go!!!!

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