RhiRhi – Phresh out the Runway


After a hectic birthday weekend, and two days shooting in London I came back home to Rihanna guest list @ MEN arena! Well I SIMPLY CANT SAY NO TO THAT!!
Its a warm night so I throw on my Denim Daisy Jukes and a colourful top. SIMPLE. SORTED.
As we enter the MEN, it becomes painsteakingly apparent I should have taken the opportunity to ‘dress up’ and of all things WEAR HEELS… TO A GIG!
EVERYONE is up for it. I have never seen so much Fluro, Bodycon and fake eyelashes in my life. Its almost like being back in Marbella!
Half the crowd are in the Rihanna collection from River Island a fact that even Rhi picks up on herself as the lights come on ‘Your all looking very cute in your little outfits!’, the other half look like disciples of Missguided.co.uk all colour lace and lycra!
Besides feeling a touch out of place in my low key outfit and Rihanna being a hour late on stage she killed it! Not only with the music, all the best songs from Unapologetic, all the dance tunes with their Marbella memories and finished off with goosebumps, “No one is going home until i sing this song” , Diamonds, but her costume changes…WOW!
From the black and white seethrough football shirt and CROTCH high leather boots to the red and yellow PVC top and cut out pants to the grand finale (and my personal favourite) navy blue, backless jumpsuit covered in silver sparkles.
Amazing night! Amazing girl, and one fabulous collection!

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